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Published: 12th June 2009
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More than likely a Bowflex is something you are already familiar with. After all they spend millions of dollars in television advertising to make you believe that you can get a Bowflex body just like the fitness model.

Sadly, most individuals are too broke to buy a Bowflex or haven't any room in their apartment or home. Fortunately, when I realized that Bodylastics resistance bands was promoting itself as the Fifty Dollar alternative to Bowflex and other home gyms I decided to investigate.

Afterall, how can a set of resistance bands measure itself to the Bowflex? Well, if you really look at the Bowflex system it is really just a cable machine. Instead of exercise bands it uses power rods. (Which are made of a rubber polymer.) Pretty much the same thing as latex tubing if you think about it.

The question then becomes... can I do as many exercises with the Bodylastics resistance bands as I can with the Bowflex system?

For example the Bowflex Xtreme SE 2 will allow you to perform 70 muscle building exercises. Cost -- only $1599.00

The Bowflex Ultimate 2, offers over 95 muscle building movements. Cost -- only $2499.00.

The Bodylastics resistance bands offers more than 140 strength building exercises. Cost -- less than $50.00.

The imazing thing is it doesn't take up as much space as a Bowflex. You don't need a lat bar, leg extension attachment, or even a bench. Just grab the door anchor that comes with a set and attach it to your door, a tree or a fence and you are ready to go. Just, by varying your body's position you will be able to perform lat pull downs, chest presses and other exercises that you would probably need a lat bar or a bench to perform.

Bowflex offers a lifetime warranty on their power rods and so does Bodylastics, so there is not much of a difference there. The Bodylastics resistance bands allow you to perform more than 140 exercises and you can attach up to 7 resistance bands to each handle. So in essence what you have is a set of Dumbbells. With the ankle straps you can easily perform all the leg exercises that you could do on a Bowflex. The door anchor allows you to perform the exercises that you would normally need a Lat Bar or a bench to do.

So my opinion the Bodylastics resistance bands are definitely the Fifty dollar alternative to Bowflex.

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